Passed By

Risen Above Street Corner

She stood at the corner clutching her infant and begging. She wasn’t homeless or poor like the man on the corner across from her, she was begging for the kind of help that one needed to stay alive.

Snakes were common in the area so she thought nothing of the one that was slithering towards her, certain it would be deterred by the sidewalk. Looking back up, she continued to beg and excitedly leaned forward when a driver stopped and promised her the help she needed. She glanced at the snake. When she looked back up, the driver was gone.

Feeling her ankles cramping, assuming it was from standing so long, she was unaware the snake was beginning to stifle her. Soon her legs felt the same, she looked down and watched silently as the snake continued upward.

The cars repeatedly passed. Soon, her crying infant’s legs were suctioned to her hips, the snake maintained its speed until it reached her neck.

Certain she would be strangled, she yelled, but still, none of the cars stopped. The drivers only looked with empathetic eyes and continued their commute.

The snake stopped suddenly, just under the chin of the screaming infant. It could have silenced her child and left her to struggle free, but it didn’t.

Uncertain of her immediate future, she stopped yelling for help and as impossible as it was, held her infant tighter and met the snake’s eyes.

Suddenly she moved. Upward. She was already standing and unsure of how she could rise without power, but it was the snake. As if losing a staring contest, it looked away and began to retreat. Amazingly so, as the snake’s body met the sidewalk, her feet left it.

Soon, she was higher than the drivers that didn’t stop. She rose even higher than the church’s cross and then stopped. She wasn’t floating, she was strongly standing on absolutely nothing. She watched the snake finally drop from her ankles to the ground and slither to the homeless man across the street.

Levitated? It seemed as such. Scared to move, but refusing to stay where she was, she took a step. She fell to the ground, hard. Very hard. On her back, protecting her crying infant. Scraped and sore, she got up and walked away from the corner, still watching the drivers smile and nod as they passed by.

Author: ogatacarly

A freelance writer who's professional profile reads, "A creative marketer with 20 years of writing and television sales experience specializing in media advertising."

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